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Friday, April 28, 2006

Explanation of SL Teen Grid

Message from Pathfinder. Thanks Greg!

The main Grid of Second Life is for adults only (18+). We also have a
Teen Second Life Grid (, and that world is
strictly for teens (13-17).

We don't allow anyone under 18 years old in the adult world of Second
Life, and likewise we do not allow adult Residents (18+) on the
mainland of the Teen World. Both of these worlds are separate from
each other, and we do not allow inworld travel or communication
between them.

Teen Second Life is a world for teens, created and shaped by teens.
Please remember that falsely registering as a teen to gain access to
Teen Second Life is a serious offense, and cause for permanent
banishment from *all* of Second Life.

The *only* adults allowed on the mainland in Teen Second Life are
Linden employees. If you are an educator and want to work with teens
in Teen Second Life, there is the opportunity to buy a private island
on the Teen Grid and participate, but you will not be able to leave
that island and visit the Teen Grid mainland. Teens from the mainland
will be able to visit your private island if/when you choose, but they
will be automatically informed that there are adults present. Also,
if you are planning to use a private island on the Teen Grid to
interact with teens from the mainland, we will need to run a
background check on you for security and safety reasons.

If you'd like more details about getting a private island for
education work on the Teen Grid, please contact me directly at

For details on the Terms of Service for Teen Second Life, please see:


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