Youth involvement: building relationships through creating experiences.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Second Life Library 2.0 myspace page

Ray Lightworker's Second Life Library 2.0 myspace page was set up by him and Eiseldora. Hopefully, this will be a great place to reach teens! Go to:


Teen SL is planning a Campus that will hopefully have the resources by fall to give us the support we need to have a library as part of the campus. Right now, there is an option of having a private estate on an island here: Lori mentioned looking into applying for a grant for this and fall gives us plenty of time.

Meanwhile, Rain announced an area on the top floor of a smaller (than the Second Life Library) house (on the adult grid) for those working on the teen space. This is great! Thank you, Rain (and all that have been working so hard on this building). I'm scheduling a planning meeting, hopefully next week and we can discuss where we want to go from here.

Explanation of SL Teen Grid

Message from Pathfinder. Thanks Greg!

The main Grid of Second Life is for adults only (18+). We also have a
Teen Second Life Grid (, and that world is
strictly for teens (13-17).

We don't allow anyone under 18 years old in the adult world of Second
Life, and likewise we do not allow adult Residents (18+) on the
mainland of the Teen World. Both of these worlds are separate from
each other, and we do not allow inworld travel or communication
between them.

Teen Second Life is a world for teens, created and shaped by teens.
Please remember that falsely registering as a teen to gain access to
Teen Second Life is a serious offense, and cause for permanent
banishment from *all* of Second Life.

The *only* adults allowed on the mainland in Teen Second Life are
Linden employees. If you are an educator and want to work with teens
in Teen Second Life, there is the opportunity to buy a private island
on the Teen Grid and participate, but you will not be able to leave
that island and visit the Teen Grid mainland. Teens from the mainland
will be able to visit your private island if/when you choose, but they
will be automatically informed that there are adults present. Also,
if you are planning to use a private island on the Teen Grid to
interact with teens from the mainland, we will need to run a
background check on you for security and safety reasons.

If you'd like more details about getting a private island for
education work on the Teen Grid, please contact me directly at

For details on the Terms of Service for Teen Second Life, please see:

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Planning Meeting tonight

This was a great meeting tonight and thanks to all for the support on the teen library-Lorelei, Ray, Brackish, Cerulean, Eiseldora-and if I forgot anyone (or spelled their name wrong :) ) I apologize. I think it is important to have as much meaningful teen participation as possible. I don't want to build a library based on what we think teens want (thank you Ray for the reminder) but on what they want and how we can best serve a need on the teen grid. Just an idea to keep that in mind. More information on the May 10 planning meeting later. Thank you!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Second Life: Teen Services

Welcome to the Second Life Library discussion for Teen services! We are two Teen Librarians from North Carolina. We have received permission from Lori Bell to head SL library services for teens. Second Life is a program that we hope will bring teens together, especially nontraditional library users, in a way that hasn't been done previously. Some ideas we have are to create a space for teens to socialize and learn more about library services and to stand as an avatar for libraries in the RL.

We are working with Lindenlabs to set up a library space in the teen world. We welcome input from those interested in creating programming and services for teens in this virtual space. We will propose a meeting time/date soon.

Please let us know if you want to contribute to this blog and we will send you an invite.

I wanted to thank Rain, Brackish, and Garnet for showing me around SL Library 2.0 this evening. You are all working so hard on this project and we're looking forward to working on this with you.