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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Library System

I have interest and support from my library department for this project as 'cutting edge technology' that we can aim to use as another access point for meeting teens where they are at.


My supervisor asked what other virtual library services are available (as a reference point). I mentioned OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries), and of course thought of podcasting and IM reference.

I shared that I believe the game itself helps meet teen developmental assets in many of the ways that our current programs are doing-helps to build a positive identity, contributes to the community by sharing skills, and allows teens to learn boundaries as the game is structured in the sense of land ownership and that there are consequences for certain behaviors.

I also suggested that the Teen Second Life project is an extension of what we already do at our library with bringing stories to life: performing plays, filming movies, and using the story jar (creating stories and pictures to be shared over the internet with a searchable index).

Lots of praise to my supervisor and to the SL librarians. This is so much fun!


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